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Puzzles & Brain Teasers,
Help us think things through;
Problems need solutions,
Which tell us what to do.


Sequencing Map Puzzles

Ant and Bee want to go to
the Apple Orchard

Bird and Porcupine want to
go to their feeding grounds

Cat, Mouse and Dog
want to eat dinner

Butterfly, Sheep and Frog
want to go to their habitats

Whale, Duck and Octopus
want to go home


Pumpkin emotions

Pumpkin life cycle



Apple Maze
Banana Maze
Pear Maze
Watermelon Maze
Picture Mazes
Learn How to Draw
How To Make A Maze
Design a Walking Labyrinth
Butterfly 1,2,3



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Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Blank Jigsaw Puzzle

MORE Blank Jigsaw Puzzle

MotherGoose Jigsaw Puzzle


Other Puzzles

Vehicle Puzzles

Match The Sate With Its Capital City


Crescent and Cross



Riddles, Mazes and More

I Saw A Peacock With A Fiery Tail

I Saw A Fishpond All On Fire

Hidden Pictures

MotherGooseCaboose Riddles

Animal Match Game

Bee and Flower Maze

Animal Mazes